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Feeling nostalgic for some 90’s television? At Ultimate Stage Reading, your host, Meredith Jacobs, makes very funny people reenact episodes from her favorite childhood TV shows. Featuring Nickelodeon favorites, primetime teen dramas, cult classics, game shows, commercials, and so-bad-it’s-good programming, there’s something for every television fanatic. Chock full of random trivia and frivolous commentary, Ultimate Stage Reading takes reruns to the next level.

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Watch the episode that launched a thousand Marching Xenas - live on stage!     At Ultimate Stage Reading, a cast of funny people will reenact the pilot of Xena: Warrior Princess on June 23-25 at Strike Theater.

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Ultimate Stage Reading XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS

features the many talents of:

Emily Townswick

An alumni of The Brave New Workshop Student Union, Emily has performed with Manners and Misconduct: Improvised Jane Austen since 2015, is a member of Ladybrain Sketch Comedy, and joined ComedySportz Twin Cities earlier this year. She also regularly teaches beginning ballet for adults through Minneapolis Community Education.

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Nicole Weber

Nicole is so excited to be a part of this show! She is an actor, VO artist, and proud member of the sketch groups Ladybrain and Classic Alley Performers. Learn more about Nicole and her upcoming projects by following her instagram @nicolesavickweber or peeping her website:

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Dan Linden

Dan is an actor/improvisor from Minneapolis who you may have seen shouting and flailing his limbs around on a few stages over the years. He is a founding member of the improv troupe Guts & Teeth, as well as a co-host of the long-running movies and memories podcast Totes Recall

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Lauren Chesnut

Lauren is an active Twin Cities improviser who also writes and performs with Ladybrain Sketch Comedy. She may be single handedly keeping the United States Postal Service going. You can see her in Ladybrain's upcoming July show at Strike and in "Welcome to Slender Vale," an improvised horror show in this year's Fringe Festival.

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Adam Mellerup

Adam does improv. Adam works at a grocery store. Adam sells produce. Adam likes dungeons and dragons. Adam thanks his wife Kari.

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Nancy Linden

Nancy is a writer/performer who has been a member of the sketch group Ladybrain since 2019. Follow her on Instagram @n.linds for dogs, books, plants, and movie-themed snacks.

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Matt Mills

Matt is a longtime screenwriter, musician, and water-drinker. He has written many short plays and films, is a member of Classic Alley Performers, and a frequent crier. He’s looking forward to finally putting his obsession with the 90s to good use by resurrecting Xena from the lonely abyss of TV-past.

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Emily Scott

Emily is a local accountant, operating an OnlyFans account dedicated to issues in small business taxation. Emily has recently collaborated with a team of crows on an article discussing whether the QBI deduction has led to an increase in society's general feeling of ennui (spoiler alert: it has). The article is currently only available as a .txt file.

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Meredith Jacobs

Meredith is thrilled to stage her first Ultimate Stage Reading production! She is a writer/producer/performer for Classic Alley Performers & Ladybrain. She founded The Joy of Sketch sketch-writing workshops in 2019. In 2021, she and Jen Kilps created Shabby Rabbit Productions, a Minnesota comedy collective. Visit the website to see some of her original work:

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