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meredith jacobs

Meredith Jacobs

Meredith hails from Lincoln, Nebraska, where she got her first taste of the stage at Lincoln High School and the Lincoln Community Playhouse. After graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, she made her way to New York City to hone her comedy skills. She studied improv and sketch-writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and founded the sketch comedy group, The Polite Society.  Meredith took a detour from the stage and earned a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology in 2014.

She returned to her sketch comedy roots with Strike This!, the first ever sketch production at Strike Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. She became an original writer/producer/performer for Classic Alley Performers and Ladybrain, creating more than 20 full-length staged and filmed productions as of 2022. Ladybrain Sketch Comedy won the 2018 Underdog Award at the Minnesota Fringe Festival for their show, Unproblematic Favs. Meredith founded The Joy of Sketch, a series of sketch-writing workshops, in 2019. She is passionate about fostering and expanding the sketch-writing community in the Twin-Cities.

jen kilps

Jen Kilps

I am Jen Kilps.  I am more of an “in-the-background” gal when it comes to theater and comedy.  I grew up in a family that loves musical theater and my parents directed plays for our small desert town that my sister starred in and I always played an important, albeit secondary role.  I am a person that likes to make things happen, for myself and for other people.  My greatest skill in life is connecting with people and helping people connect with each other, with new ideas and with what makes meaning in life. 

A little about me.  In my 20’s I backpacked around the world alone for two years—this was before the internet, email and cell phones.  I have a Ph.D. in theology from the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.  While in grad school, I hung around the theology and art crowd and was a set designer for award-winning theater company Third From the Left.  Currently I work as a Spiritual Director, End-of-Life Doula and for a Lutheran church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


Working with Meredith, I am my favorite self.  There is nothing better in life than laughter, creative expression and playing with ideas—as big and absurd as they come.  We are currently working on a project we hope to get off the ground in the near future so hold on to your horses.  I also help making her props when needed as my mother taught us that we could “make” anything.  I enjoy being the moth to Meredith’s flame, her biggest fan and the wind beneath her wings.  I am also her cousin.   Oh, and I also made the website.

shabby rabbit

shabby rabbit productions is a Minnesota-based comedy collective created by Meredith Jacobs and Jen Kilps. We like to create original content, plug local events, and talk about funny and talented people we know and like (because we think everyone else should know about them too).

special thanks to

Members of LadyBrain Sketch Comedy: Gabby VandenAvond, Katie Wilson, Lauren Chesnut, Nancy Linden, Ananta Bangdiwala, Emily Townswick, Rachel Johnson

​Members of Classic Alley Performers: Katie Wilson, Brian Johnson, Adam Mellerup, Nicole Savick Weber, Jeremy Johnson, Matt Mills, Rachel Johnson, Christopher Pitner

Staff at Strike Theater: Allison Broeren and Mike Fotis

​Al & Kathy Jacobs, Dave Schuette, Chris Dart, Emily Scott, Grace & Iona Peters

meredith jacobs
jen kilps
shabby rabbit
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