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The Joy of Sketch

Have you ever wanted to write sketch comedy but don't know how to get started? Then discover The Joy of Sketch. 

Intro to Sketch Writing 

A comprehensive class for beginners and developing writers - or for those who just appreciate sketch comedy! You'll learn the basic structure of sketch, resources, and how to analyze existing sketches.

Improv to Sketch 

Have you always wanted to turn your improv ideas into scripted sketches? Do you want to experience what a writers’ room is like? Then Improv To Sketch is for you! Each week, you’ll learn the basics of sketch writing and play group improv games to find inspiration. Students who sign up should have a basic knowledge of improv concepts; the completion of at least improv 101 or equivalent is preferred. 

2022 Classes

The 2022 class schedule has yet to be announced.  In person and hybrid classes will be offered soon.   

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